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[dc]F[/dc]irst impressions are very important – so it would be a shame to taint a professional product with an amateurish graphic design. Even though we live in a very do-it-yourself world these days, if graphic design isn’t your forte then it would be better to leave it to someone who is experienced… and ID is here to help! At ID we provide professional graphic design services for all of our disc, packaging, merchandise and commercial print products.

What is graphic design and why is it important to you? Suppose you have a message you wish to communicate using visual media as a form of communication – that’s graphic design.

Graphic design is a creative means combining high-end technologies and art used to express ideas and convey a visual message using web images or typography.

Here at Intelligent Design we understand that a pretty picture is not enough – you need results.

We are a result-driven web design company, providing graphic design solutions that work. Based in Toronto, we provide exceptional quality graphic design services for customers all over the world. We offer a full range of professional graphic design services at affordable prices.

Whether you are looking for a drawing or illustration services, 3D modeling and rendering, business card design, letterhead design or any other graphic design service, our creative designers can provide you with outstanding solution that will meet all your functional and budget requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does your graphic design services cost?
A: Please download our pricing guide for full details and guidelines on our design services. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Q: Who ‘owns’ the graphic design?
A: Once the design has been paid for in full, you will own the copyright for the design we created.

Q: How long will it take to complete the design?
A: It’s not possible to provide an exact answer because (a) design is a creative process, (b) each design is unique, and (c) the larger the project the longer it will take to design. However, after your consultation with our designer has taken place and all of your production assets have been received, as long as there haven’t been any hold-ups in the design process you should be receiving your first round of proofs in about one week.

Q: Can I meet with the designer in person?
A: Yes you can, but an appointment must be made in advance.

Q: Will my finished product look exactly the same as my PDF proofs?
A: There is a two part answer to this question. With regard to the physical layout, yes, everything will be placed and structured as you see it in your proof so if something is wrong (or missing) you must tell the designer.

Q: Can I get printed proofs?
A: Yes you can but there is an extra charge. Please contact your Sales Representative for pricing and details.

Q: I don’t have any quality images for my design – can you supply some?
A: If we have some suitable images in our library we can certainly utilize those, but you can also purchase high quality stock photos and graphics for a very reasonable price from

Q: I’ve already received proofs but now I’ve got a great new idea for the design – can I make the change?
A: Yes, a re-design with your new idea is possible but we still have to be paid for the work that was already completed. If extra work is required over-and-above the original package price then you will be provided with a quotation. No extra work will be performed or billed to you without your written approval.

Q: Can I supply you with my digital photographs for use with my design?
A: Yes you can but it’s important that the photos are high-resolution. Make sure your camera is set to the highest quality setting possible.

Q: When the design is finished, do I get a copy of the finished artwork files?
A: Yes, absolutely.

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