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Our Skills

  • VIDEO (experience since 2000)
  • Video Production (experience since 2000)
  • Vdeo Authoring (experience since 2000, highly skilled)
  • Motion Animations (experience since 2000)
  • Video Lighting (experience since 2000)
  • Professional Audio (experience since 2000)
  • PHOTOGRAPHY (experience since 2000)
  • Photo Gallery (usage since 2000, good skills)
  • Corporate Photography (experience since 2000)
  • Product Photography (experience since 2000)
  • People (experience since 2000)
  • Event (experience since 2000)

If you are interested, lets talk

Intelligent Design is a full service multimedia production company in Toronto, Ontario. Our company has a wide range of experience in Direct Response Television, Video Production and Corporate IDs and Print Material. We also offer consultation on website design and management, Print products and Creative design.

We have a large list of clients, all of them, satisfy with the Excellency of our expertise. WordMedia Communications has over 20 years of experience in the Toronto multimedia production market. You can find out more about the WordMedia.

Our services include: script writing, video production, video direction, powerpoint, website creation and event management. Do you have a great product? Are you considering a DRTV campaign? Check this out before you do: Making the TV Decision.

We’ve met all of our deadlines, expanded our services and have a creative staff to meet all of our customer needs. Since 2000 ID has worked with clients cross the globe offering our creative boutique services with a twist. Our main focus has always been advertising from print to online and brand development. These include companies who are just beginning to market themselves and introduce new products or services, as well as more established companies looking to strengthen their image, awareness and overall brand position. We are always in the process of updating our services and adding new ones to ensure that your marketing needs are covered.

We create marketing tools that will increase your company’s profits and reassure new and existing customers. No matter what we do – advertising, design, web development, or online strategies – our efforts revolve around adding zeroes to your bottom line. We’ll win awards for “being creative” on our own time.
Our goal is to produce advertising with a distinctive image and brand position that will set you apart from all the rest. This is accomplished with accurate execution, punctuality and on budget, without a lot of worry on your end.

We build lasting relationships with our clients – becoming a partner, instead of just a vendor. And to achieve this, clients need to be happy with both our creative work and our service. We feel it’s important to deliver on both these fronts with constant diligence.

ID is an integrated promotional advertising company offering a full range of services such as graphic design, marketing,website development,corporate branding and much more. We operate internationally reaching a wide variety of clientele and offering a unique blend of creative, marketing, advertising and technical design talent. IT is renowned for its professionalism, creative design services, successful marketing strategies, and quick delivery.

Our advertising and design solutions will help place your company’s corporate identity in the spotlight, regardless if your target audience encompasses the regional, national, or global market. Our purpose is to be the world’s best creator of ideas and marketing strategies both for online and offline platforms. We seek meaningful ways to communicate with people to build long-lasting human connections.

Of course, your website is perhaps the singularly most accessible and viewed presentation of you and your image. However, this branding and identification carries right through other media such as business cards, stationary and letterhead, print or video mediums, right to and including vehicle graphics and company golf shirts!!

ID can contribute uniformity and brand identification from the conceptual phase to the creation of a complete image enhancing package.We can produce printer ready copy for any project, design layout including seperations for vehicle graphics and even create and produce ads for magazines, newspaper, trade journals and so on. We will create print ready brochures, flyers, handouts…………well you get the picture.